“...a healthy serving of big, irresistible hooks, punk attitude and rock showmanship at its top-dollar best.”
Guitar World

“…a fixture of the New York rock scene.”
BUST Magazine

Constellation Baby is as glorious, glittering and multifaceted as the night sky itself.”

"A bold rock & roll statement...Constellation Baby doubles down on what makes them great while adding a few new twists to their already-potent sound. "
 New Noise Magazine  

”A veritable tour de force."
Planet Rock

"Constellation Baby sees the group expand beyond party rock into much more emotional territory – now, the band’s big ideas are reflected in its arena-worthy sound."

"With Constellation Baby, Mother Feather prove they are here to stay for the long haul."
Cyptic Rock

High-octane empowerment anthems have made Mother Feather a staple of the underground rock scene in New York for the past decade.”

" enticing affair of strict rock ‘n’ roll beauty"
Distorted Sound

"Mother Feather has become a staple for New York City's underground music scene." 
Interview Magazine

"Mother Feather are as gritty and New York as it gets."
Village Voice

"The strength this band exudes, and Ann Courtney especially, is like young Marlon Brando's strength on-screen: the sensitivity of the guy is unnerving, you immediately want to fuck him and at the same time you never know if he might just rip your damn head off." 
Huffington Post

"Bombastic Brooklyn five-piece has been steadily gaining momentum over the past year, thanks to the fierce swagger of frontwoman Ann Courtney."
Time Out NY

"With an old-school New York swagger and earworm melodies, this band has all the momentum of a 747 at takeoff."
No Ripchord

"Lead singer Ann a showman in the first degree. Her sweaty, swaggering delivery evokes some sort of awesome demon woman ascending from the gates of hell to deliver unto us a sinfully amazing performance." 
Metro New York

"There’s a definite air of empowerment associated with the band’s songs and overall presence.  I feel like people should listen to it right before they quit their jobs or run a marathon.  It’s music that pushes you." 
The Deli Magazine

"The very best way to hear Mother Feather would be to hear them, unannounced, on the radio, for if you have a single pop-loving bone in your body you will fall for their irresistible tunes."
Echoes and Dust