John Huntington

John Huntington

"If you're feeling this you're my next victim," front-woman Ann Courtney intones with steely-eyed confidence, assuring the audience of motherfeathers ("MFers") of their submission to the cult. With their ferocious and enthralling live show, Mother Feather has ignited a wildfire of followers since hitting the New York club scene in 2010 and attracted the attention of heavy music legend and Metal Blade CEO Brian Slagel, who signed the genre-defiers to the label in 2015.

Epic songs warrant larger-than-life costumes and dance, and a garishly bedazzled Courtney and hype-woman sidekick Elizabeth Carena slither, thrust, and high-kick their way through a set that invokes Marc Bolan's cheeky swagger, Bowie's braggadocio, and the howl and shimmy of a "To Bring You My Love"-era PJ Harvey. NYC rock mainstays Gunnar Olsen and Seth Ondracek occupy an authoritatively savage rhythm section propelled by Chris Foley's blistering one-man guitarmy.

Having set New York City and beyond ablaze with their live wire shows, a string of EPs, and their 2016 self-titled debut on Metal Blade Records, Mother Feather return with Constellation Baby - definitively restating their position as one of the most exciting and unique rock & roll acts on the circuit.  Paying homage to the roots of punk’n’roll and heavy rock injected with their own brand of the divine feminine, this is deeply felt NYC rock & roll as it should be: towering riffs and now-or-never urgency, bolstered by pop precision and purity of mission.



Ann Courtney - vocals

Elizabeth Carena - vocals | keyboards   

Chris Foley - guitar  

Gunnar Olsen - drums

Seth Ondracek - bass