If in a song you find a shovel
let it dig you up and leave you all unsettled
it's a terrible, wonderful feeling
I'm living, breathing      

And though you misaddressed it
heaven sent it
and so it came to me
by way of a melody
in a dream I'm dropping matches
fanning the fire by batting eyelashes
you've got that thing I need
a hot hook and heart on your sleeve
and maybe all it means
I'm living, breathing      

And when you left it
I buried my nose in your jacket
I meant everything I said
in the note I put in the pocket
In this light I can't see past it
Where would you be if you were my glasses?
But I don't need to see
I'll get on my hands and knees
hook me  up to the heart on your sleeve
I'm living, breathing

If I'm gonna do down let me go like this
lighting up a dancefloor
wet and plugged in